18ct Yellow Gold Salomonic 1 65 mm Bracelet XBAUGQTFX

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The traditional craftsmanship-Jewellery with status symbolHeight: 0.4cm, width: 6.8cm Depth: 5.7cm, Inner diameter 6cm Weight: 18.8gAn original Windalf quality product-for youViking arm mature have long been symbols on the support and Respekts for the otherJormun Gand comes in a high-quality materials; ideal jewellery pouch to you

A solid bangle with 2dragon heads in elegant 925sterling silver.
The Dragon Bangle has an inner diameter of 6cm and is available in the size can be adjusted individually.
The bracelet is very reminiscent of the Midgard Snake A Child of the listigen Mythisches creatures and of God Loki.
The large snake Jormun Gand are unable to ship to scotland Highlands, around the whole earth windet.
The bracelet can be worn both by men and woman with a strong wrist.
In order to ensure that the dragon bangle you for a long time remains-isn't exactly dismantled for.
When bending is a dragon head slightly bent forwards and the other at the back.
As the bangle is uniformly is and you've got love and wear for a long time with this scope.
Inner circumference (with thread) 16cm

18ct Yellow Gold Salomonic 1 65 mm Bracelet XBAUGQTFX

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