2018 New Handbag Zipper Black Pink Blue BUFJVZTQS

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Different materials and fabrics collide with each other to create an unparalleled luxury poemLarge capacity, as always, the use of thick high-density woven fabrics, admiring the ultimate minimalist design concept, without excessive modification and catering, showing extraordinary spacePrecision sewing seams, blending the essence of modern craftsmanship, revealing the exquisite details in the smooth cutting and delicate sewing lines, conveying the requirements for excellent qualityThe dual-use design, combined with versatility and stylish and tough design, fully meets the dual needs of leisure and business, and expresses the attitude of self-seeking liA selection of high-quality leather fabrics, through hundreds of craftsmanship, using unique artistic techniques, trace the natural and clear texture, give full play to the softness and comfort of the fabric material and waterproof performance, to create a leather with overall visual level and no lack of function. bag

Product Description:
Low-key luxury, not unassuming, not boastful, like Mr. temperament, chasing all the way, clinging to the details, and more like Mr. Modest but hidden power, inner determination, self-engraving, fame, waiting for the moment of dreams
We use only high-quality leather materials for each hand-made bag, each bag has been cut, decorated, stitched, glued, shaped and other 21 procedures, hand-woven by hand master after 48 hours Every line of every needle we condense sweat, the bag is given a second life, not only a charming handicraft, but also a temperature, vibrant artwork
It is suitable for business, leisure, shopping, campus

2018 New Handbag Zipper Black Pink Blue BUFJVZTQS

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