3014 CNB Maritime Sailing Rope Summer Breeze Fashion Jewellery Unisex Bracelet GOHIXJXRZ

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The Brilla product is ideal for ladies around the world and for all occasions. From modern meetings to traditional celebrations - the bracelet can be worn everywhere and fits perfectly for every occasion.Regardless of their age, it is certain that women will be overwhelmed by the magnificent Swarovski set. Each product is presented in a compact and attractive box provided by the Brilla team. We can guarantee that women will be thrilled with this present and how it is presented.The pendant is completely nickel-free, so forget any worries about developing an allergy or skin rash - ladies will be able to wear the set all day long.Each Brilla product has its own patent and there is no other seller. The product that is not sold by us, is wrong.Warning: This product is not a Swarovski product but a product with the authentication from Swarovski Crystal. We buy the Swarovski Crystal as a raw material and manufacture all products in our own workshop.


1.Unique character.

From an inspiration to a product, Brilla always has a shiny and fashionable concept. The vivacity with which every product shows a feeling of the heart, is given to every product. With the elegant design and cutting technique of Swarovski, glasses help all girls to make their own story.


Since the first product was made, Brilla has always sought the highest product quality. Using modern techniques, our expertise ensures that every product tallies flawlessly with our customers' specifications. In addition, we give utmost attention to every detail, in order to guarantee the best possible quality. From the initial design to the final packaging, we follow every step with passion and dedication.


Brilla's design always focuses on innovation, offering our customers more color choices, styles and designs.

3014 CNB Maritime Sailing Rope Summer Breeze Fashion Jewellery Unisex Bracelet GOHIXJXRZ

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